Dr.Abuelgassim  Gor Hamid Mohmmed

Kindly accept our best greeting, now, that our Peace Centre is completely institutionalized, and the title is changed form Peace Culture Centre to: Centre for Studies & Culture of Peace. The Staff and members launched Academic Programmes in the filed of Peace Culture dissemination. Through short courses as well as training courses, Post graduate studies, MAs and Ph.Ds in the filed of peace Studies and Culture. There upon, the center is now completely ready to continue co-operation with International Organizations and NGOs and Universities ,Centers National and International, and individuals in fulfilling these programmes. Capacity Building at National Level. to utilize skills and experiences of the participants towards peace building and peace sustainment. This process of training is important as similar to raising awareness and improving skills that grow amongst youth in peace building and peace sustainment. Training is conducted by various methods: sports, fine arts, drama, and music bringing back grassroots' cultures of the society; in the field of Peace Building, Keeping and Sustainability of Peace, Children Protection and peace culture dissemination through Education. Also Disarmament and Reintegration. Finally the CSCP shall be working in Greater Darfur to assist traumatized people regain their livelihood.