By Makkawi, A. Aziz AfElrahman, W. R Threlfall.


Twenty four semen samples from 13 Holstein bulis, 6 to 7 years of age, were used to test the effect of adding 10% heat-treated blood serum from steers and heifers to Egg yolk extender. The effects of serum on percent alive, percent motility, percent head-to-head agglutination (HHA), And acrosomal damages of the spermatozoa were evaluated in vitro at temperature of 50 C and 370 C The analysis of variance showed significant difference due to extenders for percent alive (P<0.01,motility (P<0.01), agglutination (P=0.01.), and acrosomal damages (P<0.01), in the analysis of data up to 24 h of storage. Head-to-head agglutination occurred following the addition of serum. More HHA (P,0.01) occurred at 50 C than at 370 C Max.imum HHA occurred after 12 h when storage was at 50 C, while at 370 C maximum HHA occurred after 2h. Percent motility was not correlated ( r= 0.01; P=0.014) with acrosomal damages or (r=0.07:P=025) with HHA. A negative correlation (r=-012; P=004) "vas found between HHA and acrosomal damages. The results obtained from this experiment reflected that addition of 10% blood serum from steers or heifers had the same effect on maintaining the percent alive, motility, and acrosomal integrity, but the heifer serum had more influence on percent tfrIA, which might indicate a sex hormonal influence.


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