Exploration Engineering Department

Head of department : amro yosuif abdelrahiem

Exploration engineering department founded in 2003 and administered by college of petroleum Engineering and Technology in accordance with general rules of Sudan University of Science & Technology. This department offers programs leading to B.Sc in petroleum exploration Petroleum exploration engineering is concerned with the Practical application of the principles, concepts and techniques of the Geological Sciences to petroleum industries, this Includes Search concealed deposit of hydrocarbons (Oil and gas) by physical measurement from earth's surface, measuring petrophysical properties of rocks using pore hole geophysics techniques, and making geochemical correlation. Petroleum exploration engineering in dudes a strong core of mathematics, electrical engineering, physical Science in addition to geological engineering.

Academic Programs:


  • Workstation
  • GeoFrame Reservoir Characterization System is donation from Sclumberger to the college of Petroleum Engineering & Technology at Sudan University of Science and Technology. GeoFrame is one of the world's leading geosciences analysis systems, having over 12.000 users globally in the E&P industry, including use by many of the super-major and major oil companies. In order to enhance the teaching of geosciences in the College in the production of the skilled graduates those are needed to requirements of Sudan's growing E&P industry.