Petroleum Engineering Department

Head of department : Abd elwhab Mohamed Fadoul

The department of petroleum engineering was founded in 1991 as apart of the college of engineering (SUST) which is the first and unique department for this Specialization. Now this department becomes one of the departments run by the college of petroleum engineering and Technology (CPET) in accordance to the approval of university senate on 24/10/2003. This department includes programs in Drilling Engineering & Well Completion, Oil & Gas Production Engineering, and Reservoir Engineering.Till 2016, more than 1000 students were graduated from this department. graduated students can be involve in works related to Oil and Gas Reservoir, Drilling and Production.

Academic Programs:


  • Computer Lab
  • The computer laboratory contains 20 computers.

  • Drilling Fluids Lab
  • Special laboratory for drilling fluid measurements such as viscosity, Density, etc. the laboratory contains the following instruments:

  • Geophysical lab
  • Geological lab
  • Oil Properties
  • Simulators
  • Electronic Library