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The College of petroleum engineering and technology will be recognized worldwide as a center of technological education, by providing first-class undergraduate and graduate education for oil and gas industry, leading applied research, in order to develop and advance the petroleum industries of Sudan.


The College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology is an institution of higher learning committed to: Preparing professionals empowered with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to undertake a leadership role in the development of Sudan in the fields of petroleum exploration, production and refining.

Conducting research in petroleum of practical nature industry that can be applied in Sudanese fields and region by providing innovative solutions to identified economic and technical problems.

Providing appropriate working environment for the students, staff and alumni as well as the local, national and international communities.


  • To graduate national engineers in the petroleum engineering discipline in order to cover the needs of petroleum industry.
  • To upgrade and conduct research studies related to oil industry.
  • To provide technical consultation for all relevant industries in Sudan as well as regional countries.
  • To participate in technology transfer while developing domestic technology.
  • To promote collaboration and cooperation with the local and foreign academic and research institution.