Dr.Mohamed Elhafiz Mustafa Musa Zeimelabdeen

Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) established the Computer Center according to its appreciation for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which has been evolved and applied to all the university activities. The Computer Center Goal is to improve the performance of SUST by automating the university systems, and providing outstanding service to the all the departments and units of SUST by providing suitable hardware equipments and networks, developing software applications, training the staff, and providing innovative technical solutions to SUST. During the last decade the computer center built a suitable and solid ICT foundation by introducing the challenging infrastructure, and by training the ICT staff to manage the ICT activities. The computer center uses this staff with the qualified staff members of SUST to provide solutions and consultancies to the governmental and non-governmental organization, and looking forward to build strategic relations with those organizations. The goal of the computer center during this stag is to provide excellent and reliable services using his experience and his relations with the qualified organizations.