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         Distance Learning began at Sudan University of Science and technology in 1995 where it was part of the affiliation to the College of technology and human development and it offers programs for bachelor students of the State of Qatar and the Arabic States. In 2001 founded the Department of distance learning in the same College, where it has three departments: Admissions and registration department, department of curriculum and teaching, department of exams. After the increase in student numbers and diversity of the programs section in 2003 the Centre for distance learning, responsible for providing distance education programs for students inside and outside the country. Continued the case until 2012 where the first workshop was held to study and which recommended the name change to the deanship of distance education and e-learning.



Seeking the deanship of distance education and e-learning to create a universal educational system provides opportunities for freedom from the restrictions of time and place and allows the student to enjoy greater educational opportunities to use modern media to come through democratic education.



Higher education opportunities for aspiring and help them to develop their skills in modern methods in theory and practice by hiring the best technical means by qualified, specialized and trained in the foundations in line with the philosophy of lifelong education for all.



  • Quality and excellence.
  • Academic diversity.
  • Credibility and transparency.
  • Initiative and leadership.
  • Support and innovation.



  • Extension of the academic programs of the University for the benefit of all interested locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Developing the principle of education and distance learning.
  • Pursue quality and excellence of the educational process and management.
  • Attract highly qualified to share experiences.
  • Community service to achieve the requirements of comprehensive development.