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Administration structure

Deanship Administration structure:


The structure of the deanship contains following:

  • Deanship committee contains Dean, Deputy Dean, Heads of the Deanship Departments and concerned deans’ faculty in addition to the Vice President of Sudan University of Science and Technology and the Secretary of Scientific Affairs.
  • Deputy Dean Dr.Sir El-Khatim Abdul Rahim ToTo - CV


Deanship includes the following departments:


  • Secretariat of the Deanship:
    • Administrates by Yasir Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed - CV
    • Responsibilities and objectives: one of the main foundations of the deanship of Distance Education is the Secretariat which responsible for making sure that all needs of employees and staff members are come true.


  • Department of Admission & registration:
    • Administrates by Siralkhatim Hasbo Babiker Alsied - CV
    • Reception and the acceptance of students placement them all in different disciplines according to the policies are this department issue, perform all operations necessary to register students and solve all the problems that it may encounter, in addition to receive and execute requests for deferral remittance and return to resign for students are also their duties.


  • Department of Curriculums and Electronic design:
    • Administrates by Altyib Omer Ahmed Mohmmed - CV
    • This Department is responsible for making and developing Curriculums for all available colleges, review scientific content to ensure the quality of curriculum and find the best electronic advanced means of learning and help students in all different areas to obtain adequate information.


  • Department of  Examinations:
    • Administrates by Abu-haneefa Omer Alshareef Ali - CV
    • One of the most important roles played by this department is to evaluate the educational levels by conducting examinations and analysis difficulties that faced distance learning students and finding appropriate solutions for them, developing and processing time tables and lists of students and more are their responsibilities.


  • Department of accounting:
    • Administrates by Somia Ahmed Osman - CV
    • Responsible of everything concerning student financial affairs, staff and deanship employees also follow any fault that occur in banking and financial activities as well as to solve the financial problems of the students.


  • Department of coordination internal and external centers:
    •  Administrates by Elwaleed Hakim Mohammed Abdullah - CV
    • This Department follow up the implementation of academic works out according to the plans and the academic calendar, coordination between internal and external positions with the Registrar Office, in addition to the promotion of educational programs of the deanship, making contracts with the relevant authorities to establish new internal and external centers in order to expand the work space, prepares various reports on activities and submit them to the competent authorities.


  • Department of  Academic Affairs:
    • Administrates by Elsadig Ali Elamin Ismail - CV
    • This Department processes all academic problems faced by students from home and abroad and coordinate with departments to resolve the problem, and also support students academically and provide all the technical tools that help them in their scientific life.