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ERO is responsible for strategically running and take hold of opportunities that will enhance the profile and reputation of the University. The office communicates with many different partners in order to shape firm connections internally, locally, nationally and internationally. Internationalization is led by the External Relations office with support Senior from the Vice-chancellor and Deans. Our Internationalization strategy articulates our international priorities spanning four cross-cutting themes: • Exchange and mobility • partnerships • industrial and governmental linkage • membership. ERO works closely with many other distinguished universities all around the world in order to increase joint and exchange programs. Increasing student and staff mobility is a strategic priority for the University. The University is committed to enhance our students’ and staff’ understanding and appreciation of other cultures, languages and learning approaches by engaging in global mobility program such as Erasmus+ ERO reports to the vice chancellor, The Directorate of External Relations comprises three units: International unit, Mobility unit, and National relations.