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MoUs & Agreements

Directory of MoUs and Agreements (PDF)

Current Activities

North China Electric Power University (China), Postgraduate scholarships in Electrical Engineering
Cankırı Karatekin University (Turkey), Erasmus+, 2+2 Program in Turkish language
China University of Petroleum (China), 2+2 Program in petroleum engaging and Technology
Donghua University (China), Materials Research Center

Colleges, institutes and centers of the university can take advantages of the agreements and memorandums of understanding through the following

Communicate directly with the other-party in order to activate any of the terms of the agreement
Establishment of joint academic programs in accordance with the laws and regulations of the parties
Benefit of the employees of the signatory university in academic teaching, supervision and training
Establishment of joint research projects
Student and staff mobility

Any other activity provided in the terms of the agreement or memorandum of understanding