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The first forum of the Egyptian and Sudanese universities

Ain Shams University, 19-20 February 2019

Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) participated in the first forum of the Egyptian Sudanese Universities, organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Missions, the Central Administration for the Affairs of International Students in cooperation with Ain Shams University under the chairmanship of Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of the University.  37 Sudanese universities and several Egyptian universities participated on the forum. The form held in the guest house at Ain Shams University from 19 to 20 February 2019. The forum aims to enhance the cooperation between Egyptian and Sudanese universities, provides opportunities for joint agreements, exchange of faculty visits, exchange of students, increasing cooperation in joint educational programs and cooperation in research projects of common interest between the two countries.

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Sudanese American Universities Forum – May 2018

Sudanese American Universities Forum Is a forum that by organized The Institute of International Education (IIE), USA, in collaboration with Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Embassy of USA, Khartoum. The forum provides an important platform to listen to others and explore multiple possibilities of collaboration, e.g. research bridging, student engagement, establishment of staff and student exchanges would be more affordable and welcoming. Sudanese popular culture and innovation provide an excellent area of collaboration; topics of equity, diversity inclusion, education, sustainability, gender, entrepreneurship, and African diaspora identities and social innovation are just some of the areas.

Sudan University of Science and Technology with 10 campuses of over 70,000 students almost any partnerships is possible, we look for modeling the behavior that we want our students and faculty to embrace To develop the right teaching and learning processes.

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