External Relations of the university - Local, regional and international - is the cornerstone in the exchanging of experiences and unique expertise to achieve the future vision of the university, which seeks to achieve excellence through investment in human and knowledge in transferring and the exchanging of knowledge locally, regionally and globally in a way that will raise the level of the university to occupy a prominent place on the regional and international level

The office of External Relations represents the external interface of the Sudan University of Science and Technology, that coordinates with all parties concerned in the activity of the University (national ministries, regional and international organizations) and handle the various administrative work related to the establishment and activation of the various programs and activities of collaboration after directing it to the executing authority in the university

The decision of establishment of Department of External relations office came as a result of the expansion of the university in terms of programs, colleges and departments and the diversity of the associated tasks related to external relations of the University (inside and outside the Sudan) so as to achieve the university strategy and objectives, therefore the office is established in March 2012 structured under the Vice-chancellor

External Relations office is the administrative body responsible for proposing and drafting external relations policies of the university with the Arab and foreign universities and organizations, local and international scientific research and training centers, and its responsible for proposing and arranging priorities of the establishment of agreements in order to serve the development of educational, research, and service processes of the University and develop the competencies of its faculty members, researchers, students and postgraduate students

The mission of External Relations Office (ERO) is to promote the internationalization of the university, and to build cooperative relations with associations, universities, and other academic and scientific institutions around the world

External Relations is one of the main administrative sections of the University and is responsible for the following activities

The preparation, renewal, and activation  of  agreements and MoUs with international/local universities and institutions 
Exchange programs for undergraduate and postgraduate
Collaboration with governmental institutions, companies, and industry
Activating the role of the university in serving the community and development programs within the country
Exchange programs for international academic staff, researchers, and visitors on short-term basis as well as encouraging joint researches
Contact with international organizations and donor institutions in order to attract the support of scientific research projects
Raise fund for research and benefit from scholarships worldwide
Prepare Alumni database and encourage the participation of alumni
Arranging visits by ambassadors, and international organizations (e.g. WHO, UN..etc) to meet with President, and the Vice-President of the University

Dr. Rania A. Mokhtar
Director of External Relation Office

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External Relations Office
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Tel. +249-155-66-1765 +249-155-66-0823
Fax. +249-183-774559
Internal dial (Kanar). 113 or 472
Email: ero@sustech.edu
Dr. Rania Abdelhameed Mokhtar
Director of External relations Office
Ms .Randa Ibrahim Mohammed Ahamed
Head of Unit, Local Cooperation
Mr . Jafar Eltaib Ahmed Ibrahim
Head of Unit, Exchange and Training,