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Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) is located in Khartoum and considered as the largest institution of technology in Sudan with diversity and broad coverage of disciplines including, engineering, technology and human development, business, agriculture, fine arts, music and drama, Sports, Education veterinary medicine and animal production, forestry and range science. SUST also has centers and institutes focusing on national and local community issues and out-reach. These include the Institute for Family and Community Development (IFCD), the Distance Education Center, the center for peace culture studies and the Center for Quality. The Institute for Family and Community Development (IFCD), is the University center that is mainly focusing on national and local community issues. It is managed by a Dean and is guided by a governing board and has a research council affiliated to the Dean. Its staff consists of a total of 26 employees: 12 lecturers, 8 administrative staff and 6 workers. The institute operates through three main sections: Family Development, Community Development and Research and Training sections. There are other units which provide support to the three sections and they are directly managed by the Dean. These include the accounts unit, the secretariat; and the library. The vision describes the institute as "a progressive development institute, interacting with society, adapting scientific knowledge to address the changing family and community needs, towards achieving comprehensive community development". The Institute's mission describes it as "an educational, training and research institute working towards linking SUST with the society at large by addressing family and community-related social, cultural and economic development issues in particular".