About Us

About Us

Project was created a culture of peace in the university in 1999 in response to a plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research aimed to address the issues of Sudan and vital task in the field of culture of peace.

Create a system of institutional actors in the scientific publishing and the sustainability of peace in Sudan

Work on the development of community service through the development of scientific knowledge and practical guidance and to promote the Centre activities to serve the community and contribute to its development and the development, mainstreaming the values of tolerance, solidarity and sharing, development of scientific research in the field of culture of peace and conflict resolution.

Work to make the center a major anchor for the system of scientific and institutional actors in the development of community service and voluntary work and have to be active in spreading the culture of peace and sustainable peace in Sudan.

Higher Diploma preparation program coordination between the center and the university disciplines

Open area in the graduate master  and doctorate in the field of culture of peace

Research into the system and methodology for the culture of peace and their relationship to contemporary trends such as conflict resolution, disaster prevention, disarmament, communication and theories of culture, political science, strategy and international security Employment drama, radio, television, film, theater, visual arts, music, literature in the dissemination of a culture of peace, conflict resolution and negotiation.

Use sport as a tool to consolidate the delivery of the assets of love and a culture of peace.

Recruitment of other disciplines in the university area of dissemination of a culture of peace and conflict resolution and disaster prevention, and early warning.

Preparation of training workshops for the sectors of society in a culture of peace.

Training courses for networks and organizations of civil society in disarmament and reintegration.

The establishment of training workshops on negotiation skills and conflict resolution

The center offers the Master and PhD research and programs, conflict resolution and reconciliation and Jawdi, quantitatively linked to the Centre partnerships multiple open areas and opportunities to work with views related to issues of peace and a culture of peace for employment in the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Office of the disarmament, demobilization and re- Integration, Ministry of Cultural Affairs and social organizations, civil society and international organizations.