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Scientific Affairs Secretary in an inspection tour of the functioning of the registration process for the various university faculties with senior members of the committee


Mr. / Secretary of Scientific Affairs and members of the Supreme Committee to inspect the course of the registration process for new students and old faculties of various university has to stand on it, and was reassured by Dr. Nagy زمراوى Secretary of the Secretariat of the Scientific Affairs after the round that the registration process is going in a good exceeded in some colleges 75% of the numbers accepted as in other schools reached 100 percent , and confirmed that the cards , which is awarded to students will be used to login and University libraries and in the only therapy are activated digitally. With regard to the registration of the old students reported that witnessed the registration of large numbers of them , unlike previous years. And Mr. / Secretary of Scientific Affairs Dr. Naji زمراوى Muhammad that the registration process and acceptance of electronically is the experience of an ancient university , but only this year, the University has expanded canopy where students can do so from the nearest branch of the banks place of residence and branches if the States especially for students veterans. Dr. Nagy added that the secretariat of Scientific Affairs has succeeded this year in a regular improvement of registration and results after it has been tasked to supervise them and seek the Secretariat for further improvement and development.