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Caring for Students with Accessibility issues


• Promote the rights and well-being of students with accessibility issues in all scientific and social fields.

• Raising awareness of the situation of students with disabilities.

• Work to sensitize students with disabilities and their families.

• Participation of people with all levels of accessibility in their communities in activities related to the university.


• Providing full exemption for students with disability from tuition fees.

• The students’ affairs deanship at SUST provides psychological, social and financial support for students with accessibility issues.

• Coordination with a fund for the care of interested students from the parties - wheelchairs - motorcycles - headphones for the deaf - medical glasses, Voice recorders for the blind and others.

• The Deanship of Student Affairs provided a separate budget for the establishment of special sports and cultural activities for students with accessibility issues.

• The University provides some of halls, laboratories, restrooms and other facilities, so that students can continue their studies and activities within the university, regardless their accessibility levels.

• The Deanship has provided a sign language teacher to deaf students in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts to assist them in their academic achievement.

• The Deanship provides renewed statistics for the numbers of students with accessibility issues in the university so that the services are fully planned


For more information, see the file of students with accessibility issues.