Software Testing of GPS Data Processing


By Nagi Zomrawi Mohammed, Munzir Bader Eldin.


There are different softwares for GPS data processing. Every manufactures of GPS receivers produce their own software for processing the observed field data in order to obtain adjusted results. In most cases these softwares are protected or secured so it cannot be used to process data of other instrument. This research work is oriented to try to get rid of these softwares recommended by GPS receivers manufactures. In this research, the data, which was collected using Leica GPS system 500, were processed using three different softwares: SKI Pro, Trimble Geomatics office (TGO) and Topcon link. The work comprises data entry, adjustment, and processing to produce the required adjusted coordinates. From this research work it can be concluded with that, the observed GPS data can be successfully processed utilizing different softwares rather than that recommended by the company.


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